Thursday, March 27, 2014

getting figgy with it

I wish this market is around the corner from my house.

Unfortunately it isn't, so I went home with a bag of figs instead. Really juicy and sweet figs.

Friday, March 14, 2014

(more) duck in québec

We visited Île d'Orléans in winter’s last breath, there’s no more ice on the ground, but cold enough to freeze you up if you don’t wear a thick jacket. Everything in the island is pretty much on reduced hours or closed. We went to a few venues, they were either on reduced hours or closed for an event.

Au Goût D'autrefois was one such place. We were hoping to have lunch there, but it was on reduced hours when we were there. It’s a charming little duck and goose farm, having this hillbilly chic vibe. Not wanting to leave empty-handed, but not wanting to buy fresh duck (or goose) eggs either, we left with a jar of duck rillette instead. The rillette was yummy spread on a thin cracker.

It'd be better to re-visit this foodie island in spring or summer when everything is open.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

preserved duck in vieux québec

Preserved duck. The image of duck jerky is conjured up in my head, it doesn’t sound appetising. Salted then drowned in its own fat. That sounds even more disgusting.

It’s quite a feat for French Women to not Get Fat. Considering how butter laden, fat drenched, delectable dessert aplenty French cuisine can be. Our guide for the Québec walking tour recommended to us the Bistro Sous le Fort, a modern yet cosy little bistro, where we ordered the beef spare ribs and the duck confit.

Côtes levées au gingembre et à la root beer - $23.95

Le deux cuisses de canard confites - $24.95
The spare ribs were marinated in ginger and root beer, served with a side French fries and coleslaw, though it was delicious, it didn’t exactly fall off the bone as I would’ve liked it to.

On the other hand, the said preserved duck -- duck confit -- was a revelation. Having never had it before, I didn’t expect it to be so delicious! Fork tender, melting in the mouth, with crispy skin, I could eat 5 of those in one sitting. Long after I left Canada, the taste of the duck stayed with me, so much so that it made me want to cook them myself.

Restaurant Bistro Sous Le Fort on Urbanspoon
Bistro Sous le Fort
48 Rue Sous le Fort
Open 7 days 9am-10pm

Saturday, March 1, 2014

over-seasoned evening

We haven’t had a lot of bad luck with our choice of restaurants in Canada. So we were particularly taken by surprise when we had an appalling meal at Le Cochon Dingue (the crazy pig), a restaurant specialising in porcine cuisine.

Friday, February 28, 2014

snacking in vieux québec

Banane avec crème fraîche et chocolat - $7
With food, as with anything else, sometimes nostalgia can skew your opinion of it. The best crêpe I've ever had was from a sidewalk stall in Paris chinatown, batter was poured and spread on a hot plate when we ordered, Nutella from one of the numerous gigantic jars was smeared on the crisped batter, whereupon the crêpe was folded, tucked into a paper napkin and served warm and delicious. Depending on where we were at in Paris, the prices can vary to eye-gouging level. What was an injustice to me then, now through the rose-coloured glasses of time, I don't seem to mind the price anymore.

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